Rod on the Issues

RodatDoor.JPGRod's campaign for the Council is an extension of his lifelong service to our community.  His life and work has been centered in King County.  Rod knows King County, its people, and the issues facing this region.  Rod will use his knowledge and experience gained from years of leadership to address the most pressing issues we face:

: King County can and should play a leading role in promoting and facilitating a strong and growing regional economy.  We should support traditional industries that provide the backbone of our economic success (e.g. aerospace, hospitality and tourism, and international trade), as well as new economy technology, bio-technology, life science and clean-technology industries.  In District 1, Shoreline Community College, University of Washington - Bothell, and Bastyr University are important partners that we must support as we grow the regional economy.

As our workforce expands, it's important that workers and their families have access to housing they can afford that is thoughtfully located so as to minimize long commutes, congestion and pollution.  With good planning and strategic investments in infrastructure, King County can play a leading role in both economic recovery and enhancing quality of life.

: Our Transportation and Transit systems must provide leading, world-class service, reduce environmental impact, and permit the efficient movement of goods and people throughout the region.  We must adopt a sustainable funding model for roads and transit that does not rely on temporary fixes.  In the 1st County Council District, the Aurora Corridor and the 522 Corridor, as well as Ballinger Way and Juanita Drive, serve as major regional transportation corridors.  The Interurban and Burke-Gilman Trails are treasured non-motorized transit corridors.   Rod will fight for funding to improve transit options and capacity in these critical corridors, including seeking a seat on the Sound Transit board to promote buildout of its long-range plan.

: Rod will lead on efforts to protect our environment as we grow, through thoughtful, forward-looking Comprehensive Plan policies that encourage and direct growth and services to support that growth in our urban centers, while protecting our streams, rivers, lakes, Puget Sound and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Human Services & the Justice System:
  As an attorney who has been recognized for his pro bono work for victims of domestic violence, Rod understands and will fight for sustainable human service programming in the County.  The County's criminal and civil justice systems account for the vast majority of the county's current expense fund budget.  Rod's twelve years of experience with our courts, including advising them on funding issues, brings unique insight to these issues.

All of this work must be done in cooperation and consultation with District 1's suburban cities as well as the City of Seattle.  Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, Kirkland and Seattle are essential partners in working together to address our community's challenges.