Why I'm Running

I'm running for the King County Council because I care deeply about the future of our region and what it will look like for my children and future generations.  After more than 20 years of community service, civic leadership, and public and private sector experience, I believe I am best prepared to help lead our region toward an economically vibrant and environmentally healthy future.

Today, King County stands at a crossroads. Will it play a leading role in growing our economy, improving our transportation system, protecting our environment, ensuring public safety, and assisting our most vulnerable residents?  Or, will it fall victim to jurisdictional infighting, antiquated funding structures, and a failure to modernize? While good progress is being made to avoid the latter scenario, I believe we must do even more. I believe that King County must work together with our cities, and the nonprofit and private sectors to ensure that this region achieves a destiny that we can all be proud of leaving to our children.  

RodFleeceJacket.JPGI believe that my life experiences, personality, compassion, work ethic, record of accomplishment, proven leadership, recognition evidencing those things, and views on the fundamental issues facing our region are well-suited for our District.  I’ve lived and worked my entire life in King County (except for my college years in Washington, DC).  I know King County, its people, and the issues facing this region, and that will help me to solve problems and lead on our regional priorities.  

I am a creative problem-solver.  I believe in compromise when necessary for the best interest of the public and have a history of working well with others.  But, I will not compromise my core beliefs for political advantage or favor.

I believe that public officials are elected to lead.  I will take tough votes for the right policies, and I will lead our region forward by working cooperatively with our suburban cities, neighborhoods, and civic institutions.

I look forward to meeting you during the campaign and hope I can earn your support.